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Glacier National Park Entrances Close to Glacier Grizzly Resort

There are 7 main entrances into Glacier national park, 3 of which connect to the Going-To-The-Going-To-The-Sun Road - where travelers can drive over the Continental Divide. Of the 7 main entrances, 4 are located on the east side of Glacier Park near Glacier Grizzly Resort.

Glacier National Park

Glacier Grizzly Resort is centrally located near all 4 of Glacier Park's main eastside entrances.

1. Saint Mary/Going-To-The-Sun entrance (19 miles).
2. The Two Medicine Entrance (17 miles). 3
3. The East Glacier entrance (24 miles).
4. Many Glacier Entrance (26 miles)
5. Cut Bank Entrance (5 miles).

Saint Mary Entrance/Upper Saint Mary Lake/Going-To-The-Sun Road

The Saint Mary Entrance, on the east side of Glacier National Park with east-side access to Going-To-The-Sun Road. Upper Saint Mary Lake can be seen for miles along this epic drive. Visit the Saint Mary Visitor Center at this gate, one can see historic videos of the Glacier Park and Blackfeet Indian cultural videos. The town of St Mary has many different restaurants. The majority of all great Glacier Park hikes are along the Going-To-The-Sun Road from the Saint Mary entrance on the east side. Including Lake McDonald on the west side- the largest glacial lake in Glacier Park, and Lake McDonald Lodge - one of the three lodges in Glacier Park built around 1915.

Two Medicine Entrance

The Two Medicine Entrance is located just a few miles north of East Glacier, MT on the east side of Glacier Park. To access this entrance, take Hwy 49 north out of East Glacier for roughly 4 miles before turning onto Two Medicine Road. The Two Medicine Lake and Upper Two Medicine Lake are beautiful glacial lakes with campgrounds and hiking trails. Two Medicine lakes are surrounded by towering mountains in the Lewis & Clark Range and accessible to Running Eagle Falls.

Many Glacier Entrance

Arguably the most popular entrance, also on the east side of Glacier National Park is the Many Glacier Entrance. The most notable landmark is the Many Glacier Hotel - one of the old historic hotels built by the railroad. From this entrance, you would access the trail leading to a very picturesque Iceberg Lake and the famous Grinnell Glacier hike. This entrance is located just 35 miles from Glacier Grizzly Resort.

Cut Bank Creek Entrance

Cut Bank Creek Entrance and Ranger Station is located 5 miles from Glacier Grizzly resort. This very remote Glacier Park entrance has access to the Triple Divide pass with fabulous 360° views, Morning Star Lake, and only 14 remote campsites. Travers along this road, often see wildlife, we've seen elk, moose, bears, and elk. Take advantage of our Glacier Grizzly guided houseback rides and our ATV rentals with remote entrances.


Entrances located on the east side of Glacier National Park are extremely popular however only have only a fraction of the overnight accommodations compared to the West side of the park. Most RV sites, hotels, cabins, and campgrounds and located on the west side of Glacier Park where crowds and long lines can be frustrating.
There are also many attractions on the east side of Glacier Park. Including golf courses, whitewater rafting, and floating experiences, guides for Glacier Park backcountry trips, helicopter tours, ATV rentals, horseback riding, and fishing guided trips.

Glacier Grizzly Resort


Glacier Grizzly is uniquely accessible to all Glacier Park eastside entrances. In fact, US HWY 89 W crosses through 14 acres of the 250 acres where Glacier Grizzly is located. Because Going-To-The-Sun Road has restrictions on RVs. Travelers coming from the west of the park will drive around the south side of the park for 55 miles before they reach the East Glacier entrance. Travelers coming from all points east will want to drive on US Hwy 89 W to access St Mary, Cut Bank Creek, Two Medicine, and Many Glacier entrances.