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Peaceful, beautiful place to stay will be back to stay again

Liked · the Mountain View was incredible and it was so quiet and peaceful 1st time in a tipi was a wonderful experience
Disliked · that I had to leave


Stayed in Tent/Tipi

Our stay was enjoyable.

Liked · The location to Glacier National Park is great. The facilities are excellent.
Disliked · Nothing

Stanley -

Stayed in Caravan/RV

The staff was nice, they showed me my RV lot, everything worked, water, sewer and electrical.

Liked · The location was close to the Canadian Borders, which feed into US Hwy 89 west. The Waterton Lake British
Columbian border and the Carston Alberta border. They both feed into US Hwy 89 west goes through the Glacier Grizzly
RV Park. So it was very convenient and the roads are well maintained. The RV lots were huge!
Disliked · It was cold.

Anonymous -

Stayed in Caravan/RV